Frustrations with rural wifi

Nova Scotia Premier Stephen McNeil is on the record with his frustration with the lack of progress in providing wifi service to rural areas.

The Premier said, “This is not, in our view, a luxury. This is something we believe Nova Scotians deserve . . . It’s about being able to provide and make a living for yourself in rural parts of this province.”

Not only has poor wifi negatively impacted the ability of rural business and professionals to conduct their business, now the province’s realtors say it’s hurting property values and sales.

It may be inconvenient for the internet providers to service certain areas, but it shouldn’t be impossible. White Point Lodge on the province’s South Shore, for example, has wifi service on their beach! Bay Ferries has wifi on the ferries which operate on the Bay of Fundy service between Digby and Saint John, and the Northumberland Strait service between Woods Islands and Caribou. Cunard’s Queen Mary 2 ocean liner is able to provide wifi in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean!

If these remote locations can provide wifi, then it shouldn’t be impossible to find a way to provide it to any land location in a small province.


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