Pssst. For a good time…

… head to Ross Creek and experience Two Planks & A Passion’s 25th year of professional, inventive theatre. It’s edgy, fun, interesting.13612264_10154379668011095_1281882165120550779_n

With the world focused on commemorating the world wars, Two Planks bring us a story from Canada’s liberation of The Netherlands. Liberation Day is a personal exploration of the impacts of war and the bonds formed by the liberation and the peace.

Their second work, the mystery of the Mary Celeste, presented in a fireside theatre-in-the-round setting is a celebration of storytelling by pros who are unleashed from the confines of a script to offer multiple potential solutions to what and/or who done it. It’s about mood and energy. It’s desperately creative. 13600224_10154379667826095_330464818550852351_nOn this evening we had exaggerated haiku, a crazed peg-legged porridge chef, freakish geological events to a hungry vampire and more.

Whether you’ve been or always meant to go, let their work and your imagination pair up for a great night out.

It’s theatre off the grid, completely outside. A theatrical experience unlike most.


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