Chivalrous Pumpkineers

dscn7636Windsor, Nova Scotia: The theme for this Thanksgiving is chivalry.

This year over 40 pumpkins participated in Windsor’s 18th annual Giant Pumpkin Regatta.dscn7624 The largest pumpkin to race weighed 1,380 pounds.

The two young men in the yellow pumpkin (above) are students at Kings Edgehill School in Windsor. They and their team, hollowed out their pumpkin and decorated it. They were in the waters ready to race when everyone learned that a competitor’s green pumpkin had a leak.

The green pumpkin was to be paddled by two women from Halifax for whom Windsor’s pumpkin regatta was a bucket list experience. The guys offered their pumpkin to the women, got some help repairing the leaky pumpkin and rowed it from Falmouth to Windsor.

dscn7663The guys, who are in their teens, were the first pair to finish the race and the third pumpkin to reach the far shore. The women in the borrowed pumpkin came in last. It took them about 50 minutes to complete the crossing. But as you can see from the smiles on their faces, they enjoyed every physically painful minute.dscn7741

The women took a little longer – not because of their age – but because they needed a little guidance from a ‘see-kayaker’ who gave them directions. The women are blind.dscn7751


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