A booming Saturday


Cadets with HMCS Acadia keep Tchaikovsky alive. They perform their part in the 1812 Overture. (Allan Lynch Photo)


On Saturday the evening air in Annapolis Royal was filled with cannon fire. This was not for the first time. But it was in peace. Sea Cadets from HMCS Acadia performed the 1812 Overture as part of their final sunset ceremony. It’s the delicious eccentricity of Nova Scotia that an event like this just sort of pops up.

The Cadets paraded through town following their band, trumpeters, colour party, cadet troop and dragging their own field artillery pieces. They do this twice a year. In their previous evening, two local churches lent their bells to fill in at the appropriate place in the score.

Sea Cadets are 12-to-18 years old, so spending a summer working with artillery is a blast.

The arrival of the cadets at Fort Anne continues the fort’s 389-year-old military tradition which has seen French, British, Scottish, pre-American (before the Revolution), British and French armies fight over and take command of this place.



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