About Allan

p1010210_22Allan Lynch has been an advertising representative, a reporter, an editor and a publisher. He’s authored four books. His latest is The Nova Scotia Book of Musts, The 101 Places Every Nova Scotian MUST See (MacIntyre Purcell Publishing). He primarily writes travel articles for magazines from Singapore to Sweden from his base near the Bay of Fundy in Nova Scotia, Canada. In pursuit of story ideas, Allan has traveled on the old Orient Express (before it became a luxury train); bobbed around icebergs off Newfoundland in a very, very small open boat; hung upside down from treetops in an Alberta dude ranch (okay, that was a mistake); and nearly killed himself snowbiking down an 8,500-foot-high mountain in the Canadian Rockies (expletive deleted). He’s twice cycled the length of Prince Edward Island, been thrown by a horse named Parker in Bermuda, found a rhinoceros outside his door in South Africa, and drank with a man dressed as a cow at St. John’s George Street Festival. This all becomes fodder for his articles.

My new consultancy: As a die-hard capitalist and entrepreneur (I’ve written two business books, as well as being a newspaper publisher and involved in several small businesses) it grieves me when I see lost opportunity. That happens a lot in the travel business. So, to help, I have launched DestinationDoctor.ca.

If you work in public relations, sales or management for a destination, resort, property or other partner give that site a look.

And after 25 years writing about the meeting and incentive sector I have begun offering web audits to help properties, places and off-site venues become more meeting-friendly. The inaccurate, inconsistent and missing information on industry websites is shocking.

Need a speaker? I am available to talk about business succession, formation of corporate boards, entrepreneurship, travel, business travel, managing media and messaging. Email: nscelt@hotmail.com

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  1. And he can write circles around most people, myself included. Welcome to this part of the 21st century, my friend!

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