Copyright Notice



Welcome to my corner of the web. All of the words and images on this site are mine. I am the copyright holder.


I don’t come from money, I don’t have a day-job to subsidize my writing; I don’t have a spouse to support me (if you’re really rich, call me). I’m a one-trick pony and this is what I do for a living. Please don’t steal my work. If you like it, great, link to my site and send people my way.


If you want to work with my material, then contact me and we can negotiate a fair payment. But if you take it, you could be putting me in legal jeopardy because of other commitments I may have, plus you put me in competition with myself. That’s not fair nor in the communal spirit of the web.


In the past my work has been stolen. That pisses me off and, while I try to be a laid-back and low maintenance kind of guy, I will come after anyone who steals my stuff. I will sue, I will report you to your web-host and any other body overseeing the web, I will write your advertisers demanding payment for supporting stolen material and do anything else I can think to do to make your life a living hell and get compensation. It’s ugly and time-consuming and we all have better things to do with our lives. So, play nice and contact me.






(The précis: Contents of his website are copyrighted by Allan Lynch.)



One response to “Copyright Notice

  1. Right on! Most scribblers can’t wait to give their work away in the name of exposure, hits, or whatever the term is these days.
    BTW, kudos for your cruising article. If you had only called me….

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